All 12 Shots of Belmo’s 300 At The TOC

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Watch all 12 shots of Jason Belmonte's perfect game at the 2020 PBA Tournament of Champions.


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4 Comments on “All 12 Shots of Belmo’s 300 At The TOC”

    1. Definitely possible, but bowling 900 is kinda a crapshoot. Yes you have to be insanely talented and emotionally collected to pull it off, but it’s such a statistical anomaly to get only strikes through 3 games. You could throw every shot pretty much perfect, and still only end up with 650 if your carry and ball reaction aren’t good, and even if they are good, the odds of not leaving a corner pin somewhere is tremendously unlikely, I mean they literally got a robot (earl) that could throw 600 rpm with accuracy within a quarter of a board everytime, never missing, and I think the best they did with it after over a dozen attempts was like 840ish.

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