21 Comments on “Amazing bowling split conversion to win game”

  1. People are missing the point. It’s the manner in which the 10-pin was knocked over. Not the conversion itself.

  2. Great work under pressure. Back in March of 2018 towards the end of the league season, I was subbing in the anchor position for my brothers Sunday Night Mixed team. Of all things I left a pocket 7-10 on the first ball in the tenth of the third game, and I needed to convert it and get at least 8 on the next ball to win. Took my old urethane and threw it at the ten from the hard left. Went to just turn around and accept defeat, when my brothers team started yelling. I turned back around, and the ten came rolling across from hitting the side wall, and had just enough on it to knock over the seven. Everyone in the house went crazy and I just stood there processing what just happened. Threw a strike on the last ball and we won. Unfortunately it wasn’t recorded, but I do have the result printout showing the individual pinfall and conversion for each frame. USBC sent me a plaque as well.

  3. i could tell halfway it was going to be too flush on the 4 so I expected something weird was going to have to happen because 99 out of 100x that’s an open frame

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