Amleto Monacelli on the Front Nine During 2021 PBA50 South Shore Open Qualifying

During first-round qualifying of the 2021 PBA50 South Shore Open, PBA Hall of Famer has the first nine strikes. Here's his 10th frame as he attempts to take the tournament lead.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling July 27, 2021 from Olympia Lanes in Hammond, Indiana.

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10 Comments on “Amleto Monacelli on the Front Nine During 2021 PBA50 South Shore Open Qualifying”

  1. Great footwork at that age. They said his bowling style would wear him down; I guess they’re wrong

    1. he runs at least 5 miles everyday. once he stops doing that. maybe his style will wear him down xD

    2. Actually Amleto was ahead of his time. Most of his peers who bowled against him during his prime bowled the way we were taught to, long ago: shoulders squared up and parallel to the foul line, push off, and arm swinging straight back and then straight forward, with a follow through that preferably brought our right hand right next to our right ear. (Kind of the classic Nelson Burton Jr. form) Amleto bowls with his shoulders wide open, arm bent and cocked, and played that deep left line most of his career. If you saw a 20 year old player coming up in the ranks today with that style, you wouldn’t bat an eye.

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