Andrew Cain Fires First 300 In 1st Round Of Qualifying At The 2019 PBA Cheetah Championship

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Watch the final three shots of Andrew Cain's perfect game during the first round of qualifying at the 2019 PBA Cheetah Championship.


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14 Comments on “Andrew Cain Fires First 300 In 1st Round Of Qualifying At The 2019 PBA Cheetah Championship”

  1. The ability to play on maybe a centimeter of room on the left before you are guttering is insane. Let alone bowl a 300. Coming from a right with a 130 average who plays inwards. I know people who average 230 and higher. Take my opinion for what you want.

    1. I average in 210-215 range and agree. I stick with third arrow and play a larger hook with more room for error. Playing that close for me is impossible.

  2. I average 175, and i never bowl like that. Im too scared of guttering, i just slow the ball down and let it hook more.

    1. Just practice for a lil while, I am right handed and avg 210, but I practices left handed for about 20-30 games and I avg somewhere in the 120s, I’m definitely not incredible at it, but it only takes practice

  3. I bowled with him Monday nights at “brunswick mission bell” (mid 90’s). He tore up that league and it was some of the best youths in the state (Az)

    1. When I say with him, I mean in the same league. I wasnt one of the cool kids :p . I was probably barely averaging 200

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