Another Bo Burton tip….Before walled lanes?

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Bo Burton gives another bowling tip from some 20 odd years ago. This was all before walled lanes and exotic bowling balls of course. Nowdays, cranking seems to be the normal and expected thing to do !!! What do you say ? - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

6 Comments on “Another Bo Burton tip….Before walled lanes?”

  1. gotta be a lot more than 20 years ago….. Paramus Bowl closed in the early 80s, no? What kind of ball is he using?

  2. this is actually closer to 30 years ago, but I used this technique and still do and even though I had to switch hands due to an injury, I can still outscore a lot of the crankers because with cranking, you have to be dead on everytime, because if you aren’t you leave a hard spare. with my down and in, I am more accurate, and if i miss slightly, I leave an easy spare.

  3. Walled lanes existed long before this aired. And they were more common than anyone at American Bowling Congress wanted to acknowledge. I saw them just about everywhere I bowled. The difference was that the wall was in a different place at just about every bowling center. And yes, some centers didn’t wall ’em up. But a lot did. (Talking the ’70s and ’80s here.)

  4. I don’t know where you were bowling but in the late 70’s the only wall I hit was my average in the low 180’s. When urethane came in around 83-84 my average jumped 10 pins. Walled lanes became prevalent around the same time. Add another ten pins and suddenly I was over 200. Reactive Resin added 10 more pins. As I grew older my average kept climbing because of the juiced balls and synthetic lanes. Bowling isn’t a sport any longer and truly skilled players like Burton are a thing of the past.

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