Ask The Pros: How Important Is A Strong Mental Game?

The pros weigh in on the importance of the mental game in bowling.

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8 Comments on “Ask The Pros: How Important Is A Strong Mental Game?”

  1. Took me a long time to realize that getting upset over “unlucky” pin-action does nothing for me. If I’m working on 5 in a row and leave a 9-pin, I’ll let everyone else throw up their arms, I’m on to the next shot….

    1. Sure. I just say, “well, at least it wasn’t a split”, pick up the spare and go right back to striking.

  2. Stepping foot into my first few regionals, that was the thing I noticed immediately. The level of mental control is insane when bowling professionally. Being in a bad spot mentally can also mess with your physical game. Watch some recaps from qualifying/match play, and look how calm the pros are when going for a perfect game, and achieving it or getting tapped. A lot of the time they’re just as calm and collected as they were on the first ball. Franky is a picture perfect example of that.

  3. Is Prather implying that the mental game is better on tour now than in the 90s? Qualifying was around twice as many games in the 90s. The grind was twice as long, the guys really needed those beers.

  4. The world is 90% mental and 10% physical. The mind is the catalyst for the body…. Great video. Thanks for the upload!

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