Ask The Pros: Is There Defense In Bowling?

We ask the pros if they think there's any defense in bowling.

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6 Comments on “Ask The Pros: Is There Defense In Bowling?”

  1. Luv Simo’s statement at the end. So true. If your too busy worrying about the other guys, then your likely to not win.

  2. Of course there’s defense in bowling. There’s lane play defense, mental game defense, all sorts of defense. If you’ve never bowled pot games, you may think I’m wrong, but if you know you can get in someone’s dome and make them mess up by not doing anything outwardly, that’s like free pins.

  3. There is no defense on the Tour except by causing distractions off the lane.You are not on a pair long enough to make any difference. You are moving pair to pair. Lee Trevino was a master at this in Golf. He made little remarks to get another golfer to think about his game which would throw them off. I guess you could do the same in bowling. However, in pot games where you are on one pair only and plan on bowling multiple games, you can use urethane and bowl across a bowlers line to cause slippage down lane. But by doing that, you can cause your own problems on your target line also. But remember, when you are trying to mess up another bowler, you have already lost, your head is not in the your game.

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