Ask The Pros: Should Bowling Be In The Olympics?

We asked the pros if bowling should be in the Olympics and they bring up a lot of good points.

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5 Comments on “Ask The Pros: Should Bowling Be In The Olympics?”

  1. I agree that Bowling should definitely be in the Olympics as well, but there will have to be a way to introduce it in a certain way to the public.

  2. Bowling should definitely get in the Olympics, if only the IOC (International Olympic Committee) would listen which I doubt cause they’re just like Government Politics that they don’t listen. I also felt that Bowling was slowly turning away from getting a chance to the Olympics because Bowling Center Owners and Proprietors are turning their Standard Center to a Casual Dumping Ground which most of them are just in America and Europe, Idk why the IOC was just only looking at Bowling in America or even Europe instead of looking at the entire world that have Bowling being more stable and Asian Bowling Centers are keeping it standard instead of going for casuals entirely.

  3. If Curling is an Olympic event, then bowling definitely should be. There is a lot more money and individual participation in bowling than almost all Olympic events.
    It is the #1 participation sport in the US.

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