Ask The Pros: What’s More Important – The Bowler Or The Bowling Ball?

We ask the pros which is more important – the bowler or the bowling ball?

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13 Comments on “Ask The Pros: What’s More Important – The Bowler Or The Bowling Ball?”

    1. Or any other lefty for that matter. Ryan Cimanelli said it best last tournament where the stepladder was all lefties (one pitch black and three purple hammers). Take away the purple hammer and it wouldn’t really be possible.

  1. IF you were bowling with a baseball, it wouldn’t matter how good of a bowler you are. It would matter how good of a baseball player you are…. just some food for thought

  2. I have to agree it’s a bit of both. You could give me all the ball reps and best equipment/advice and I still wouldn’t consider myself accurate/consistent enough to beat these guys. But if you limited the best bowlers out there to a plastic spare ball and told them to win the US Open I don’t think it would happen either.

  3. I’m not a pro but, in my opinion, the lane conditions is all of it. How many times have you been automatically success on a given lane whereby each time you throw your shot, the ball finds a way to strike. The U.S. open is an example of how top bowlers say it is the toughest lane condition. Having said all this, the one who has the edge to prevail, in my opinion, is 60%/40% bowler/ball. I noticed when you throw a new reactive ball, it snaps into a hook. I theorize the oil absorbing power of the reactive are like threads on a new tire. The oil absorption of reactive removes oil from the ball like wiping it off. Over time, the reactive gets saturated, like a water soaked sponge, and quits hooking. The axis tilt, something a bowler can’t change, has a lot to do with down lane ball reaction. A high tilt retains energy and gets through the front rather cleanly. A low tilt fights lane surface, loses energy, and creates an early hook. Because of its low tilt, I notice it throws the pins against the wall and creates a lot of wall shots and messengers. Bowlers with low axis tilt go down on their shots like Parker Bohn, ones with high axis tilt are upright like John Gant. So the question shouldn’t be posed as a) bowler or b) ball but as an open-ended question of what factors are important and to what degree do they impact success.

  4. The bowler is more important huh? I would like to see what kind of score some of these guys would get using just the standard house ball on their PBA league sport patterns. Now that would be interesting 🤔…

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