Ask The Pros: Who Is The Next Young Star Of The PBA Tour?

The pros tell us who they think the next young star is going to be on the PBA Tour.

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14 Comments on “Ask The Pros: Who Is The Next Young Star Of The PBA Tour?”

  1. YO
    We need to talk.
    The Ads you are running during matches now are unacceptable. We already pay you for the service. We already have to pay for multiple services from different organizations just to stay on top of a season, and then STILL must watch some events on cable. My subscription is set to cancel until this changes.

    1. @Drawstring Beanbag
      Public image and user opinion is extremely important in business decisions. Our voice makes change.

      Bowling needs to evolve, it wont unless we push it. (And help it… I would pay the huge price of every service if it was all in 1 place, and had no ads.)

    2. @Alternative Investments I agree with you 100%: no matter how much “they” get, it’s never enough! cheers

    3. They care enough to beg you to stay with a 20% discount once you cancel your subscription. So yeah, they need us.
      (And yeah, i may have just let the cat out of the bag. If you want a free 20% off, just go cancel your subscription, they will offer, then re-subscribe.)

  2. I feel like the next young star should be any bowler pro or not that’s under 20, in my opinion the top 5 best bowlers on their way to the PBA or have a big chance of becoming the next PBA super star in a year or so would have to be

    1.Anthony Neuer
    2.Spencer Robarge
    3.Solomon Salama
    4.Brandon Bohn
    5.Justin Bohn

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