Barnes Duo take on the Masters! | 2023 USBC Masters Bowling Tournament

Barnes Duo take on the Masters! | 2023 USBC Masters Bowling Tournament

Patrick Martinez follows the Father & Son duo, Chris and Ryan Barnesc on the final day of qualifying at the 2023 USBC Masters held in Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park MI!

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10 Comments on “Barnes Duo take on the Masters! | 2023 USBC Masters Bowling Tournament”

  1. I, personally, think that the PBA should eliminate the “crutch” called urethane and make ’em use current modern equipment. After all, they are professionals.

    1. Urethane is current modern equipment. It’s used in every bowling ball that’s made. Now as for it being a crutch don’t believe it is. Reactive was made to help those who can’t generate the revs to compete with those who can. I do like the point that they are professionals they should be able to bowl on whatever is out. I do believe they should ban reactive at every level of bowling. It would make for a more evenly fair playing field.

    2. It’s funny cause Urethane use at this event was almost at an all time low lol

    3. Found Sean Rash’s burner account.

      P.S. Urethane is such a “crutch” that it was practically unusable at the Masters.

    4. Reactive balls are too powerful it’s ruining the sport

      Modern pros: -use urethane-

      No not like that.

      People just want something to complain about.

  2. Thank you for showing the good and frustrating. Very real account of the day to day work a bowler goes through. Love that you got the spectators wanting an autograph as he was walking through – a reminder that people are always watching, and hopefully cheering ;-). Thank you again!!!!!! Love our bowling family!

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