Become a Better Bowler – Hand Releases featuring Walter Ray Williams

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Become a Better Bowler – Hand Releases featuring Walter Ray Williams

and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. present this clip to help you become a better bowler. To purchase this DVD or download the complete 74 minute video visit: - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

28 Comments on “Become a Better Bowler – Hand Releases featuring Walter Ray Williams”

    1. For this demonstration/drill, he’s definitely throwing a typical old school full roller release. Holding the ball like a suitcase, and barely turning over the wrist (counter clock wise) at delivery.

    2. This quote from a bowling coach………”Just because you utilize a suitcase type release doesn’t necessarily mean you are a full roller.
      A full roller has 0* of tilt and the ball rolls the full circumference of the ball at release.
      Not all full rollers need special layouts to keep the ball from rolling over the gripping holes.
      Is your ball track between your fingers and thumb?”………..

  1. I’m new to bowling and have never been able to throw a hook. Then I tried this method and my average score has jumped thirty points. Thank you Mr. Williams!!!

    1. Columbia Scout — reactive resin, entry level. OK for dry to medium surfaces. It was the second release shown in this video (suitcase?) that did the trick for me.

    2. My bowling highest score not had jumped points during my bowling league games at Smyrna Bowling center yesterday.

    3. Brandon Grubbs Jersey City of colonial bowling ball show me what do they have show me did you hear that Jerry jail is an amiibo when you do it

  2. Full roller release has the thumb around 10:30 and the fingers at 3:30 with little or no lifting during the shot making the ball roll between the fingers and thumb holes:-)

    1. Jay, I am actually trying to learn full roller for spares and tough lane conditions, I will try this. Essentially fingers and thumb come out of ball at same time. Thanks

    2. @Carl Kelly Im a southpaw and have a power stroker style. I tend to track between the fingers and thumb if I try to crank it. When I rotate the hand inwards like a backup ball I actually throw a full roller with about 40-50 degress of rotation. Try a tighter thumbhole and if you are a righty keep hand cupped and an at about 4 oclock, then uncock, uncup and lift to the left while keeping hand on the side. Im trying to do a more old school around the ball release so I ensure more tilt. It works although i still track pretty high and have less than 5 degrees tilt.

  3. Commenting on Walter’s release in this beginner release video is pretty funny. He’s showing new bowlers how to simply get the bowling ball to roll from right to left. Walter is the GOAT. He can play anywhere on the lane he chooses with various hand releases. You don’t win over 100 PBA titles without knowing how to manipulate a bowling ball when he needs too. He’s basic release is very minimal axis tilt with hand behind the ball and rolling it straight up the back. Rarely will you see him actually apply extra side rotation on the ball. It’s a beginner video don’t read too much into it.

    1. @John your garbage ..I can tell by your comment..cuz that’s a fkn suitcase and Walter ray has an old school release he has the lowest rev rate in history of PBA tour besides jack jurek

  4. I am disabled in a wheelchair. An amputee with Psoriatic arthritis, and fusion of the joints. Fusion in the neck, back, elbows and wrists. I been looking for a video like this. I go up and get on the far left side (I am a righty) and my foot is at the very last dot next to the gutter. I turn my chair inwards JUST a bit. I have to bowl like he does here and I can’t bend or straighten my elbows, as they are fused. I cant lift my head. I lean to the right side of my chair and swing the ball back and release. My ball is aimed between the 2nd and 3rd right arrow from the middle. I sometimes find success and most of the time no. I use an 8 lb ball due to being weak in the arms. I do have a 10 lbs too. When the ball goes down and looks really good in the pocket it curves last second. I have tried wrist supports, keeping the wrist straight even. No luck! I curve it no matter what.. Just the last second it curves to the left and the outcome isn’t great. Thanks for the video. Anyone who can help I am willing to listen or take some techniques. I want to get good, as this is the only sport I can play. Used to be active before being in the chair.

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