33 Comments on “Beginner Bowling – How to KEEP a Consistent Line | Brad and Kyle”

  1. Haven’t bowled since March 12 😭😭 Was bowling the best in my life right before they closed. Hoping to get back quickly.

  2. I love the baited questions that Brad asks. Instead of talking over Kyle, he asks a question so Kyle will answer with tips and information. Nice video you guys.

  3. Haven’t bowled for so long. I am bored and just want to get back on the lanes greetings from Singapore. Thanks for the vid!👍

  4. Been watching a ton of your vids, and they’ve definitely helped me improve my game! You guys just got a new sub. Keep up the great vids!

  5. It’s basically getting an image of the oil in your head, and finding out what is comfortable for the player.

  6. They Should reopen all Bowling Alleys-Only For Bowlers with Their own Shoes and Balls As we Always Clean our Arsenal before Leaving The Alley .

    1. only problem karens would pitch a fit saying why can’t we bowl. calling discrimination lol..

    1. Hehe, he’s just looking like an average dude. Since he is always neat and tidy, and guessing going to the barbershop 1-2 times a month he looks fresh. But since y’all closed everything over there nothing is open so he just looks like one of us now 🙂

  7. LOL C bowler. Let’s see how Brad thinks about this stuff? I like Kyle’s perspective now let’s see that D+ bowler perspective? I can’t wait to go to a PBA spot and see the pros.

  8. Unfortunantly for most leagues you don’t get the time to throw that many warmup shots. In my league, 5 per team and only 15 minutes of warmup, we may be lucky to get 2 shots on each lane before its over.

  9. Sometimes you only get one practice/warmup ball on each lane before a tournament starts…. What’s your strategy?

  10. I retired from bowling about 10 years ago,ave 210 in one center with crown pattern, 206 ave in another local center with reverse block pattern, I was self taught. But with handy vids from pros, I think I would be a much better bowler now. I might come out of retirement

  11. Haven’t bowled since March 14 which was my birthday and I almost bowled a perfect game. 279. I miss bowling so much. Love your videos they’re very helpful

  12. Now when I go bowling with friends I’ll know what to say to make it seem like when I miss I’m just feeling the lane out

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