Behind the Scenes at the 2021 PBA Jr. National Championship Finals

Justin Bohn takes us behind the scenes at the 2021 PBA Jr. National Championship, held in January, 2022 at Bowlero Euless in Euless, Texas.

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18 Comments on “Behind the Scenes at the 2021 PBA Jr. National Championship Finals”

  1. Watching the boys bowl tells you they watch a lot of current bowlers with belmonte cuz most of them bowl the two handed approach

    When I was bowling for fun people would bowl two-handed at the end of the games just to throw their last couple balls and get laughs and giggles now it’s considered to be competition bowling

    1. My son bowls 2 handed & the old timers freaking HATE it, they say it should be illegal & give him crap all the time. I think it’s cool

  2. they need to have 2 different divisions in bowling now one for the 2 handed style and 1for the original 1 handed style the sport is not even what it used to be just my thought

    1. There already struggling to get events on tv if you made it 2 divisions it would be impossible

    1. Like pretty much every other sport these days, it’s gone from a game of accuracy, to a game of power and some accuracy. If you don’t possess the rev rate to generate power you cannot compete in the modern game. I don’t like it, but it is what it is and it is here to stay at this point. The USBC / BPAA / PBA would have had to put rules in place 2 decades ago to stop what we are seeing now. At this point, it is too late.

  3. All y’all complaining about two-handed, get over it. It’s part of the game now and it’s here to stay. It’s not like it’s giving an unfair advantage to the rest of the field so relax

    1. It’s not that we are complaining it’s just that it’s all we see from the boys I think I saw 1 bowling with thumb.

  4. so boring… no variation between styles, not much to see, I really enjoyed the uniqueness of bowling styles but this has nothing… gj being good tho….

  5. Jillian Martin is the future of women’s bowling. A good power player that can adapt to conditions well.

  6. Sports evolve get over it

    “Man I wish the NFL would ban forward passing it’s ruined the game back in my day you could only lateral and why do they wear helmets now” 😂

  7. I understand more two handers but not every boy being a two hander. Crazy lol.

    I did bowl with 2 hands when I was younger because it helps with ball speed cause of the weight but as I got older I switched to one hand. Maybe some of these kids will too.

  8. I bowl one handed but seeing a good 2 hander is impressive. People need to stop crying. Belmo changed the world for real.

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