Behind the Scenes of Anthony Simonsen’s Record-Breaking USBC Masters Performance

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Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews complement ESPN telecast highlights to tell the story of Anthony Simonsen, who won the 2016 USBC Masters and broke Mike Aulby's 36-year-old record as the youngest player in PBA history to win a major championship.

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28 Comments on “Behind the Scenes of Anthony Simonsen’s Record-Breaking USBC Masters Performance”

  1. Simonsen is so incredibly impressive. Wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes one of the next superstars like Belmo or Rash. Unbelievable talent!

  2. Pressure? What pressure? If I threw it half that good I would be confident also! Incredible to watch all the young talent on tour!

    1. You can watch ut vids of people in the 1940’s bowling this way. It is nothing new, although I think it was not used for many years.

  3. Two hands is cheating, wasn’t the way it was made to be played. There’s a thumb hole on house balls for a reason.

    1. Matthew Land there was no set bowling style, ever. It just happened that most go to one handed. House balls have thumbs because most non bowlers can’t do two handed.

    2. Well if we’re going to talk semantics about how a ball should be delivered to call it “legal” – Steve Fehr, Bob Benoit, Mike Miller all should have titles rescinded because their deliveries weren’t your traditional two fingers and thumb delivery style!

  4. Not only this, he lost his mother and still stand strong to win this tournament. He’s a really caring person and always make sure that I know what to do during the tournament due to my profound deafness.

    1. Only whiners and retards complain about “two handed” bowling.
      It is released with one hand, same as “orthodox” bowling styles. Not two.

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