This is the best of The PBA World Series of Bowling XI Cheetah Championship. Recorded on March 8, 2020, at South Point Bowling Plaza.

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UPDATE: Finals of the PBA Cheetah Championship are on October 4, 2020, on FS1.

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  1. Does anyone know when/where the TV final stepladders of the three animal pattern tournaments will be played?

    1. @Wadiya Talkinabeet the problem is that the defining “skill” has been separated greatly between amateurs and pros. Because of the easily patterns and these new bowling balls. Many average Joe would think that they belong on your because the ball will walk into the pocket for them. So what happens is that people will not take the sport seriously enough because the determining factors for “skill” has too many factors. So if you take out a big factor like bowling balls.. you’ll truly see people who have more skills than others. Just like how in tennis, or any other sport, if you are even 1% better than your opponent, then you should almost always win. But in bowling that is not true and that why it struggles as a sport.

    2. @E Gibs Youd be surprised how many amateurs make it into match play compared to the pros. half of the pros on tour now are house bowlers who thought they could compete. but hey they always need people to donate money so the actual pros could make money. I never said it doesnt take skill. what im saying is that being a pro doesnt hold as much weight as it used to because of these bowling balls that could make anybody shoot 300’s and 800’s nowadays. I dont consider myself nearly good enough to be a pro and ive shot plenty myself and with only one bowling ball on patterns. the only thing i change is surface

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