Bill O’Neill’s INCREDIBLE Bowling Strike That Wasn’t Really a Strike

Competing in the World Bowling Men's Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Team USA's Bill O'Neill threw what looked like a perfect strike. However, one the pins bounced around and stood up in place, making it the strike that didn't count. Instead, O'Neill had to shoot the spare, which he made.

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79 Comments on “Bill O’Neill’s INCREDIBLE Bowling Strike That Wasn’t Really a Strike”

    1. Bowling is not something so extraordinary that one must feel the need to lie about it to seem impressive. Jeez, guys, cut this man a break lol. Y’all over here saying he’s lying like he’s one of those YT commenters talking about how many decades they’ve been a martial artist or how they study rocket science. He sucks because he never seen a pin do a flip and land back in its original position? You guys must have some magical bowling alley antics going on where you’re from.

  1. now, you know the pin was singing chumwumba… I get knocked down, but I get up again, cause youre never going to knock me down

  2. I wanted to see his reaction to when he turned around and saw it standing up.
    It looked like he had his back turned when the pin landed in a standing position.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious he isn’t aware of what happened when he turned around after the shot. That would have been one of the best ever WTF expressions lol.

    1. @Tim that moment when you are the one person to have bowling pins lying around like they’re water bottles

    2. Funny I should see this comment now, when I worked at a bowling alley last year there was a day that I did this for fun during league (I worked in the back) and did this for a solid 30-40 minutes straight. I landed it one time. Never again. Boss wouldn’t even pull up the camera to let me prove that I did it

  3. Why couldn’t we have gotten the dude’s reaction

    1. @Someone Sin Nombre Sure. Stay ignorant. Also, have you heard about this new invention? It’s called punctuation. Look it up.

  4. Pro bowler: I’m really good at getting strikes in bowling

    1 pin: I’m about to destroy this man’s whole career

    1. Nobody:

      Will it fit in my Honda?
      Hold my beer
      Am I a joke to you?
      Asking for a friend
      Everybody gangsta
      End this man’s whole career
      He protecc, he attacc …
      Sexual/genitalia innuendo/big balls
      Scatological/potty joke
      Question of quantity answered yes
      Plot twist
      Left/entered the chat
      Gaming reference
      Dislikes are from
      I’m a simple man
      Not gonna lie
      No one gonna talk about
      Last time I was this early
      Legend has it
      That’ll buff right out
      Fun fact
      (X) be like
      (X) intensifies
      (X) wants to know your location
      Haha (X) go brrrrr
      POV: (X)
      Also (X):
      Her: I’m home alone
      It’s complicated
      YT algorithm counting down years
      Who’s watching in current year?
      You Tube recommendations
      So you’ve chosen death?
      Understandable, have a great day
      Punch line below read more

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