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  1. Nelson Burton Jr has hit the nail on the head here! Every member of the USBC board of directors along with the proprietors must watch this clip.

  2. The USBC is the governing body of bowling. The proprietors are businessmen trying to make a living. The ABC, now the USBC allowed the balls, the pins, the lane surfaces and the lane conditions decades ago to become easier and easier to score with, against or on.

    In the early days of high scoring bowlers would move from center to center looking to average higher like drunks looking for a bar that will keep serving them after drinking too much.

    We need the USBC to be the cops stopping the drunk

  3. I don’t know that the game is “too easy” now. You still have to have skills to do what the pros do. However there is a really good point here. I bowl in an interstate tournament league where in one round, we’re stuck with the old timber lanes. I just can’t manage. The older bowlers that have evolved with the sport can. It’s a great idea to get the kids bowling with the older equipment & conditions. But try not to take anything away from the greats of today that have worked their butts off.

  4. Go for it Bo!  Let’s get back to bowling instead of how many different balls I can use so I don’t have to work on my game.

    1. It’s now so disenchanting that a whole new array of bowling balls hit the pro-shops, from the manufacturers, on a monthly basis. There are so many balls out now, it seems virtually impossible to keep up with it all. Each new ball, allegedly superior to it’s predecessor from a month ago. Thousands of balls, manufactured to combat thousands of lane conditions, with thousands of layouts & drill patterns to face thousands of variables. Who can afford all of this? Top pros have access to all of this equipment. The rest of us, hardly! The whole ball situation is mind boggling, overwhelming, & oppressive at best. God, am yearning for the days of simplicity with talent & skill being the name of the game. This with NO artificial aids from the manufacturers, ABC/USBC, or the BPAA. Hard rubber balls, wood lanes with enough flat oil to protect the lane surface, & heavy, solid, low center of gravity pins. Now let’s see who the truly good bowlers are?

    2. @32LANESx7 NOWONLYx2 That’s why I still use a rubber ball. I don’t have to worry about what ball works best on what surface. Like Bo said, it’s all about modifying speed, spin, and loft.

    3. @Flying Crow It sure is. A free straight armswing with impeccable timing, excellent balance, & a free flowing hand release with the weight of the ball turning the hand naturally is what bowling is all about. This performed repetitiously separates the GREATS from all others.

      You really, exclusively, roll a rubber ball. That’s almost unheard of nowadays. Find it admirable that you do that. The benefit is vividly clear. You must be fundamentally sound to have the courage to put a rubber ball up against the modern urethanes laced with a variety of reactive resins & additives.

      No thanks to the Plandemic, whenever bowling alleys open up again around here?, will consider practicing with my polyester spare ball as a strike ball. May even obtain an old hard rubber ball for the same purpose. The purpose being to achieve my goal of developing my physical game to the point where it’s comparable with the GREATS of the sport!

      Out of interested curiosity, what do you average on THS’s & sport shots with your rubber ball? Do you feel the decision to roll a rubber ball has enhanced both your physical & mental game?

    4. @32LANESx7 NOWONLYx2 Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to bowl on a sport pattern. I have begged and pleaded to have the house pattern replaced at several bowling alleys but everyone cries and whines that their average will go down. I have even suggested several times to have a short league (four or six weeks) with a sports pattern and absolutely no one is interested. On the house shot, I’m averaging in the mid 180’s. Not great, but certainly not bad for a rubber ball. I would probably be a little better had I not laid off bowling for 20 or so years. I’m satisfied using it because I know every pin I knock down is because of my skill and not because I have the latest technology. And yes, I think using a rubber ball exclusively makes my game better because I have to decide exactly how to roll my ball to get the best results. I wish coaches in the sport would make kids start out with rubber and polyester balls to teach them the fundamentals.

    5. @Flying Crow Yes, many of the “scratch” bowlers around here want 700’s handed to them on silver platters each week, or they’re not satisfied. They refuse to bowl on a sport pattern as it would compromise their inflated averages, & their false sense of bowling pride.

      One of the few bowling alleys we do have left, offers a sport shot league during the summertime. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the league this past summer due to our State Governor’s infatuation with the PLANdemic, closing down all the bowling centers for several months.

      Bowled the summer sport shot league for 8 consecutive years from 2012 through 2019. Bowled for 16 weeks on various sport shots from challenging to difficult. We got to practice for free, unlimited, all summer long on the sport patterns. Also received a new bowling ball of our choice at the end of the league. It was a great experience & a fantastic deal for what we paid each week. I practiced as much as possible each summer. Dearly missed the league this year & feel like I missed out on a lot!!

      Mid 180’s, not bad at all, using a rubber ball, considering all the oil laid down on THS’s. Personally feel you could compete in local scratch tournaments, utilizing the fundamental skills you’ve acquired by rolling a rubber ball. Keep up the good work as you continue to refine your bowling skills. BTW, I didn’t bowl for 15 years from 1995 through 2010. Wonder how much better of a bowler I might be if I hadn’t stepped away all those years? Thank you for your correspondence!

  5. I’ve only bowled for 2 years but I still use only one ball for all my shots.  I was considering getting a 2nd one for spares, but my bowling coach suggested to stick to one ball for now (though he uses 2 or 3).

  6. that’s why the game is a carnival today and bo Burton is so right I quit 13 years ago too easy it was the ball of the hour club stand left throw right no skill let the ball and lane do THE work

    1. The very reason why I quit for 15 years. Didn’t touch a bowling ball from late 1995 through 2010. Started bowling again at the dawn of 2011. Overcame my technological resentments & general disenchantment of the sport. Nearly 10 years later, the problems with bowling are still with us, & worse in many instances. Am hanging in there due to my passion for the sport that was instilled in me as a child. Quitting again is tempting! Instead, will continue to hang in there & fight to help bring bowling back to the glory & high esteem it once held. The manufacturers, ABC/USBC, & BPAA have done enough damage to the sport. It’s high time to turn the tide & resurrect this great sport!

  7. The lanes are too easy, and the balls are doctored too much. Participation is dropping year to year by record numbers. #deathofasport

  8. Bo is spot on, without a doubt. Put these hot shots on a lacquer pair with an old two-tone Brunswick Black Beauty that won’t move more than three boards and make them MAKE THE SHOT. These friggin’ reactive-resin balls were the death knell for the sport because it’s akin to steroids in baseball. A competitive edge is not producing equipment with artificial flare potential that opens up the pocket eight miles wide. Still gotta hit the pocket, but unfettered advantage is not advancement.

  9. I average 220 these days. However, in the late 1980’s, I averaged 195, and was a better bowler!

  10. A big fan of Bo, but not having to drive 20 miles to the nearest house would help too. Every center except one that I’ve ever bowled league at is gone.

  11. Oh you’re so right yes absolutely. You are profession. Just like Mark Roth early Anthony exactly well said.

  12. Took me 7 years to come across this video. Agree with Bo 100%! No different now than 7 years ago, with the same problems bowling continues to suffer from. Now we’re swamped with hundreds of the newest, greatest bowling ball, the THS with stratospheric scoring, & a continual decline in sanctioned leagues. Family fun centers are taking over, killing leagues & the traditional bowling alley. And now the Covid-19 Plandemic is temporarily closing many bowling alleys, while permanently shuttering other bowling alleys. Since July of this year, the PBA held ALL of its events at just one bowling alley with nobody around. Yes, still agree with Bo 100%! This was a far superior commentary to anything he ever commentated on during his 23 year tenure on ABC’s Pro Bowlers Tour finals.

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