9 Comments on “Bo Burton’s Bowling Tip: Converting the Modern Washout”

  1. I agree with him. I always go for the left side of the headpin when trying to make this spare. Except I shoot it straight down the left like Riob.

  2. brian1969, I know I have seen professionals try that split shooting between the 1-6, but Nelson Burton was one of the best color commentators and bowlers. I always would pay attention in all cases and it would help my game. His way of converting that split is better.

  3. Personally i feel much more comfortable shooting my spare ball at the 1-6 as if i had the 3-10 split. If the 6 pin is missing i’d still throw the spare ball but on the left side of the 1-2.

  4. What helps me make a spare like this is that instead of trying to make a split, I try to make one pin. In this example, I throw a normal 2 pin shot (I stand on 10 and go straight over the 2nd arrow.) For some reason thinking about making one pin makes things simpler for me. Other examples- to make a 4-9, I shoot a 7 pin… to make the baby split, I shoot a 6 pin, etc.

  5. Also, even if you convert the 1-6 baby split, it needs to be absolutely perfect… you could easily slide the head pin in front or maybe barely catch the 2 pin with it… Also, it’s not natural to shoot a 3 pin (which is basically what you’re doing) going left to right that way… at least a straight shot right to left is more common and therefore practiced more often.

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