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  1. I’ve actually started trying to bowl like a left hander, though I am right handed. The lefties seem to have a much more smooth and consistent shot and I want that for my game.

  2. I love the old Saturday at 3pm(east coast) bowling. Chris Schenkel and Burton. That was the best! I have an old Saturday show on VHS videotape where Chris Warren won all four games. I remember once when Nelson made the championship round and won all four games with his easy style.

  3. Good info but not always true every one is different I’m a lefty I start with my right foot on board 35 and I roll over the 10 board on the arrow and come back to the pocket 8 out of 10 frames if the lane dries out on me I will start coming in on the 1/3 pocket now if this happens this is when I change my line by starting with my right foot on the 15 board and rolling the ball over the five board which ends up correcting itself when the lane is dry but they are right accuracy is a must for lefty

  4. With enormous respect for Mr. Petraglia, this is simply not the case. To compare Mark Roth’s execution to the typical right-hander is an inaccurate comparison at best. While a right-handed beginner has difficulty getting the ball to move left, even a petite left-handed girl will enjoy watching the ball move naturally to the right her first time bowling. Leftys have a natural curve. Maybe because they instinctively tug at the bottom of the swing. Even left-handed pitchers have a natural curve.

    1. Mr. Petraglia did not say that lefties throw straight, just that the overall amount of hook is less due to the lane conditions of the time and the type of bowling balls available then.
      I think the perception that ‘all’ lefties throw a natural hook is due to the fact they are a small percentage of the population. I believe that most bowlers do not naturally throw straight. Most people will put some amount of axis rotation on the ball. In maybe 5% it will be a negative rotation that causes a back up ball. For a new bowler throwing a low friction house ball down the center of the lane it’s going to go pretty straight but once they start playing nearer to the track and get a ball of their own it’s going to hook one way or the other.

  5. When a left-handed Bowler approaches the lane, is he/she supposed to start with the left foot or the right?

    All I learned today is that as you approach, you have your right foot in front of you when you throw the ball.

    I bought a new ball today & I was only taught the basics of throwing. There wasn’t exactly room in the shop for walking tips.

    1. Which foot you start with depends on how many steps you take. A lefty taking 4 steps will start with the left foot in order to end up sliding on the right foot. For an odd number of steps start with the right.

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