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  1. I think John was playing hookey on that tip. We all know about his conversion, but when he made it it was only in the second frame. If you feel yourself in that situation, just go for the one pin to practice your spare conversion. Maybe then you will improve your spare making.

  2. His friend pulled the 7 pin out of the pit into the 10 pin. He didn’t just pull the 10 pin down with the line.

  3. When he made that 7-10, there was a sheet of plexiglass in the pit protecting a camera that was recording from an angle behind the pins. That is why he managed to pick it up by hitting the 7 in such a funky spot.

  4. I spoke to a guy that I currently work with about this topic. He was working at that house on the day of this event and told me what happened. I was skeptical when he told me this, but upon further research and inspection, I found this to be true. Plus, you can look at the video and see that the pin didn’t hit any such plank.

  5. Scott, he really did convert it on TV. I watched this telecast live and I couldn’t believe it. His way that he picked it up is the same way I did.

    Also the first way I ever did was the Roth way. Watch his conversion, that first one was done on a brunswick machine like his and my second was on an AMF like Mazza’s

  6. Pause it at 1:20 and you can see the light bouncing off the fishing line 🙂 right next to the 10 pin.

  7. I showed somebody I know a tape of Roth converting the 7-10 split. About 6 months later I showed him this tip segment. He said, “Oh, so that’s how Roth made the 7-10 that one time. There was a guy with a fishing line yanking the pin over to the other side.” He actually believes that a fishing line was used in Roth’s conversion. I’m not kidding.

  8. @Pokeman499 I use just my thumb and middle finger to kill the shot. I especially use that combo for 10 pin spares.

  9. The fishing line is hilarious : I’m the proud owner of a ‘Bowling with Bo Burton’ instructional tape from a looong time ago. A bit antiquated but Classic :

  10. Looking at this, it appears the 7-pin was in fact on the proper path to convert it WITHOUT the fishing line… just like Mr. Mazza did the first time…

    I converted the 7-10 many years ago at Lynnwood Lanes in Lynnwood, Washington- almost exactly as John Mazza did although I usually bowl right-handed.

  11. The 7-10 split made at 1:07, would’ve probably been a 5-7-10 split conversion if the 5 pin was there!

  12. I’ve actually converted this 5 times over the years in 3 different houses. Each backstop plays different so that determines which pin to shoot for and what side to hit it on. I’ve made it 2 times hitting the 7 on the left side and getting a crazy bounce to fishtail out of the right gutter. Also hitting the 10 pin on the left side and getting it to bounce and jump back up on the deck to hit the 7. Actually converted that in the 10th frame of the 3rd game to win the series. As you can expect, my opponent wasn’t too happy that night and its always brought up when I play that guy.

  13. Yep. Thanks Bo. Now we know how to do it (with fishing-line). I did convert once by throwing at 7 hard into the side. It’s better to just get a strike! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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