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    1. It’s because it is a synthetic surface and synthetic lanes are constructed with fine particles of aluminum oxide dispersed in a fiber reinforced melamine resin. Not all synthetic Lane sound like this but for some reason these ones do. AMF synthetics tend to sound more wood and these Brunswick ones as seen in this video seem to sound metallic. I’ve bowled on Brunswick synthetics before and they sound exactly like these ones.

  1. For anyone wondering why the lanes sound weird when the ball hits them it’s because they are Brunswick synthetic Laneswitch are made out of find particles of aluminum oxide disbursed in fiber reinforced melamine resin and the aluminum oxide gives it the metallic sound. It’s basically bowling on metal. AMF synthetic lanes don’t tend to do this.

  2. Love your work. Next time give me and Inside Bowling a shout-out when you use our edits on the vids like the Dale Eagle one. Thanks man

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