Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Diana Zavjalova vs. Bill O’Neill

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Watch Diana Zavjalova vs. Bill O'Neill at the Bowlero Elite Series this past September at Bowlero North Brunswick (NJ).

Tune in for the next tournament in the series: Sunday, December 29 at 1 p.m. ET on NBC to see who takes home the BES trophy.

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25 Comments on “Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Diana Zavjalova vs. Bill O’Neill”

  1. This is literally depressing to watch, get the Specto, an actual audience, and commentators. I almost fell asleep watching this

    1. Early rounds don’t have that coverage.
      Maybe Brad and Kyle could do an over dub commentary on videos like this. 😉😁

    2. @Louis Csanko also proves that men’s and women’s bowling need not be separated at the professional level.
      Bowling is a skill in which technique can overcome strength differences.
      The skinniest guy on the PBA has the fastest ball RPM that is not a two hand.

  2. I enjoyed the lack of commentary. It’s overdone IMHO. When she missed the 10 pin I slumped in my chair because I knew it was over. That was a great game by both.

  3. Yea, O’Neill got a few messengers to carry some of his strikes, but Zavjalova arguably got more lucky with a few of her weak hits and strange pin action.
    O’Neill, among many others, play with that angle and power to get a greater percentage of messengers to carry the weak 10, if the 10 is left at all.
    Regardless, it was a good match.

  4. Poor Bowlero, they still haven’t learned how to update the total score for each player at the end of each frame. Very amateurish.

  5. Neanderthal setting the mood in background at 1:15 apparently chewing an entire antelope in one mouthful. Yuck…. Otherwise a tough match. Would loved to have seen a bit more carry on her shots. Tough day on the pattern.

  6. This is one (of many) differences between myself and professional bowler like Diana. On her first two shots with the stone tenpins, I would have just assumed I was unlucky. Both shots appeared to my untrained eye to be pretty flush in the pocket. But you can Diana calculating, both the lane transition and the pin action. She makes a move to different ball to adjust and immediately strikes on her next throw.

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