Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Norm Duke vs. EJ Tackett

Watch EJ Tackett vs. Norm Duke at the Bowlero Elite Series this past September at Bowlero North Brunswick (NJ).

Tune in for the next tournament in the series: Sunday, December 29 at 1 p.m. ET on NBC to see who takes home the BES trophy.

Be sure to follow Bowlero Elite Series on YouTube for all the latest news and more:

24 Comments on “Bowlero Elite Series Tournament 2 – Round 1 – Norm Duke vs. EJ Tackett”

  1. I’ve seen EJ bowl up close and video makes his rev rate looks absolutely glacial. This guy’s a freak of nature.

  2. Love Norm but he looks really tired tired in this video. Great testament to the man that he still can really compete at this level. EJ is scary powerful.

  3. Man.. Bowling has died. The dry claps are empty. I remember back in the day when I watched Norm Duke and the House was full. Sad sight now.

    1. Different event. This is a bowlero event not a PBA event probably dont allow that many people in. Due to ameaturs bowling and not wanting to make them nerveous

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