Bowling Like a boss – Pete Weber Shows what WINNING is like

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Pete weber scores his fifth PBA U.S. open title.

I think he's rather happy with the result. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

22 Comments on “Bowling Like a boss – Pete Weber Shows what WINNING is like”

  1. Say what you want, he wears his heart on his sleeve and his reaction after winning it proves that. He is the man!

  2. There is no way in hell I’d go ten in the pit like that for 60k. PDW is a boss indeed. Got in the faces of all who said he was done. Love it!

  3. Like a scene from “KingPin”! Everybody who hasn’t seen KingPin should, it’s a very funny bowling movie by the Farrelly brothers: )

  4. @Hydejm27 Very well put. and you are right, he threw that ball so well that for a split second the 8 pin was not going to be hit. What a shame that would have been!

  5. This is the best. You can actually here his glass get obliterated when he throws them on the ground (while he’s yelling, “YES!! GOD DAMN IT YES!!”) Damn it right.

  6. He has been asked what he meant by the now infamous quote. After he left the 10 I believe it seemed like a heckler was happy that he left it and Pete was mad over it. After he won the title he meant to say “who do you think you are heckling me? Do you know who I am? I am the best!”

    1. +Arthur Garwood Delahooke Means you think you’re the best, naw son strike, 215, game, set and match. Sportsmans know what he’s talking about sonny boy. But your question still stands as valid…

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