Bowling Pin Impossibly DEFIES World’s Strongest Bowler

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Osku Palermaa, in a quarterfinal match at the 2015 PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout, throws what should be a strike, but the 3 pin has other ideas.

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80 Comments on “Bowling Pin Impossibly DEFIES World’s Strongest Bowler”

  1. I watched this happen then the pin was off set. Osku proceeded to throw a spare ball 30+ mph to teach it a lesson

    1. Osku absolutely, positively DOES NOT throw the ball 35 or even 30 MPH. He gets maybe 22 MPH on the spare ball and 18 or so on the strike ball. It’s easy to calculate with a good digital timer.

    1. @Edward Lack someone once threw a ball 46 mph straight in the right gutter, it flew up, and broke some panel thing
      Search “fastest bowling shot”
      (it’s in a fast bowling compilation thing)

    1. For the record it was the ten pin. You’re right. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself, (in slow motion yet) either! Stay safe and healthy.

    2. @Mark Schroeder it was originally in the 3 spot. It bounced around and stood up in the 10 spot but was originally thr 3 pin

    3. @Mark Schroeder oh its definitely weird. But sometimes weird stuff happens. The center I work at averages 30-40 thousand frames per week even with covid. Weird things are bound to happen. This just happened to be pro and recorded.

    1. @Fuhh Kuuu – That’s like saying – Basketball, Gridiron, and Baseball are Real sports. You complete Tool! 😏

    1. Will Ferrell shoots himself with a tranqilizer dart in the neck at a childrens birthday party and as the drug takes effect he stumbles through the crowd and knocks over the table with the cake and presents and then falls into to the pool. Soon as he’s underwater closeup shows him relaxed and peaceful.. then that song starts playing, “Hello darkness my old friend….” fn classic 😂 ps it was stifflers gun.

  2. But if the pin went out of bounds, shouldn’t that be considered dead wood even though it stood back up?

    1. Yeah it’s a weird rule. If the ball comes back from the gutter and hits the pins that ball isn’t counted, but if a pin comes back out of the gutter the pin is still counted as standing.

    2. Out of bounds? This isn’t football. If that was considered out of bounds they you couldn’t count any pin the deflected off the side and took out another pin.

    3. @Anaxagoran Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the guy talking about the missing 10 pin is not a pro. Someone paying to bowl for fun, probably being charged by frame, is not going to keep resetting.

      You are like the guy that gets mad when a weekend golfer in a fun round doesn’t place his ball in the exact spot on the green after marking it. If you are not in a league, no one fucking cares.

    4. @93hothead
      Because if it was a strike it would defy to spirit of bowling, which is to of course leave no pins standing. 🤔

  3. The pin that was left standing isn’t even the 10-pin. It’s the 3-pin that went out of bounds before righting its self.

    1. The pin may have started in the 3 spot, but it’s not there now.  The pins themselves don’t have numbers.

    2. Define “out of bounds” in the context of bowling. Neither the gutters, nor the side walls, nor the pin plate are “out of bounds”. Plus, using that logic, any pin that followed the same trajectory as this 3-pin and knocked down another pin also went out of bounds and the pin(s) it knocked over should be respotted. Would that be fair, in your opinion?

  4. this reminds of a situation where a golfer lands a ball in the hole for a hole in one, but it bounces out

    1. I’ve seen many putts do that too. very short ones that the guy bangs in. it hits just right and bounces back out. happens in pool too, usually with hard hit balls.

    1. I don’t know how this came up, but are these professionals? I haven’t bowled in 15 years and went last weekend and bowled a 185. How are the score so low and I’m not trying to complement myself in anyway. Thought these pros were heading to 230s to 250s most of the time. Also I do not watch bowling

    2. There is a thing called “oil pattern”. Normally, if you can hook the ball, what you would do on a typical bowling center (House shot) is stand on the middle of the lane and throw it to the right to make it hook in to pocket (1-3). But in the pro tour, the oil pattern might not allow you to do that. So you might have to struggle to find the way to throw. That’s why we might see some pros scoring sub 190 or so

    1. Tim Michaels a glitch would imply that there’s something off about the law of physics in righting the pin, which there is not. It’s bad luck: this happens on occasion, based on the force and angle of the ball and minor differences in the material construction of the pins and surrounding objects

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    Me: “Omw!”

    Gf: “Nevermind, I just heard the door”

  6. Serious question though, what happened after? Did they discount the strike that was detected by the computer?

  7. Apparently, a strike is not just if you knock all the pins down.
    A strike is if you knock all the pins down and they STAY down.

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