Bowling USBC Men’s Intercollegiate Team Championship 2019 (HD)

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This show was televised on CBS Sports Network. The USBC and CBS own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have the channel available and would like to watch the show. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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    1. They were playing the shot wrong. High, low and then high volume again at the end of the pattern IMO the shot was polished finish, to save energy in the low volume area which was unavoidable, and move right and straighter up the boards. Playing inside the only possible line was to shape with a lower ball speed, which they did not / could not do and even then there would be no margin for error.

    2. @Aaron B LTU out averaged the field the entire tournament by 15 pins. The TV set was in a different building where the topography was miles different.

    1. The Webber International anchor was the only one playing straight up the boards from the outside and the only one who was consistently getting to the pocket on either team.

    2. @Sydney C 1:30 The pattern was perfectly symmetrical so I don’t see any advantage to his left handedness. If anything than lower traffic should have made even less recovery which validates my observation. Also the line they were playing was in the highest volume for the entire length of the pattern on a high volume pattern. Factor in their ball speed and the result is never making it back to the pocket on anything right of target. If a ball cover X total boards, I am not going waste a bunch of them playing steep angles on high volume. Big angles = bigger misses per board missed and requires precise velo to shape it. There was some lower volume on the outside of the mids. I am also factoring that they were rolling Conspiracy solid which has excellent backend and continuation. That rock can hook like an MFer.

  1. Saw the first 2 games, and then given the video was mostly complete, that kind of gave away who won.

  2. OMG I feel like I am watching Junior Bowling League…tough conditions obviously but no excuse…SMH

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