9 Comments on “Bowling with the Champs – Nelson Burton Jr vs Richgels – 1985”

  1. 2:50 ” He’s got a great future” Richgels fades into obscurity. Bos’ curse strikes again ( pun intended )

    1. @11thframe No disrespect was intended towards Jeff. There are many legendary regional bowlers that are virtually unknown outside their home state. Did Jeff ever appear on the Saturday ABC show ?

    2. @Joe Ambrose Sure. Riggs is a member of the USBC Hall of Fame and the premier journalist covering bowling via 11thFrame.com

  2. In ’61, Therm Gibson won 75,000 in ten minutes. A quarter century later a hall of famer is bowling for a hundred bucks. Something is very wrong here

  3. What fun! And what a treat this must’ve been for you. And you had that crouched over, ball held low style made famous by Marshall Holman. I bowled the same way during my brief period as a PBA player. This brings back some fond memories. (And I agree with you the Bo is easily within the top 25 all time.)

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