Bowling’s Toughest Challenge. Day 3 at the 2021 USBC Masters

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As the field rounds into form, Mike Flanagan checks on the pros after 3 days of competition. Hear the thoughts from some of the best in the world and how they feel headed into Matchplay! Watch The Masters Live here:

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25 Comments on “Bowling’s Toughest Challenge. Day 3 at the 2021 USBC Masters”

    1. It was. What made things tougher is the fact that each squad was contested on fresh oil; no burn or double burn squads.

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  2. Just took over running the lanes at a private club, and I am so glad there is bowling content for me to absorb. Thank you BOWL TV!

  3. When they’re this tough, you DEFINITELY need to remember to put your thumb or pinky in your ear!!

  4. With Pete and Walt leaving the main tour it’s great to see Norm still hanging in there as one of the last guys from the older generation. Met him once many years ago super nice guy.

  5. Great content again. Fantastic to see brutal tough conditions for the world’s best bowlers, instead of carry fests!

  6. Once again, bowling ball overshadows skill needed to tackle the main object.
    Hit the head pin an make your spares.

  7. Lanes as tough as nails, kudos to the USBC for that. Awesome coverage guys. Couldn’t be more pumped for the Matchplay!

  8. Norm this is why everyone really respects Norm, even when he bowls good, he doesn’t take anything for granted and understands what can happen out there.. Hope he makes the show.

  9. This series of videos from you guys for this tourney – is my favorite bowling content I’ve ever seen on YT. Awesome to see the behind the scenes, and more raw part of the tourney in such beautiful 4k AND good camera work… Thank you and good luck to all !

  10. Call Norm “The Professor ” because he’s schooling these guys on bowling on a tough shot.

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