BowlTV’s top five live stream moments of 2014

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BowlTV takes a look back at the top five moments of 2014 during our hundreds of hours of live streaming.

5 – Chris Barnes wins the 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup
4 – Vanderbilt bowls a 300 game to win the NCAA Music City Classic
3 – Japan clinches the girls team title at the World Youth Championships
2 – Walter Ray Williams Jr. wins the Senior Masters
1 – Korea tops Team USA to win the team title at the World Men's Championships

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27 Comments on “BowlTV’s top five live stream moments of 2014”

    1. @heystirke300 Know it well, Causeway Bay, I used to live there. Right next to Hong Kong Stadium, where I went to the Rugby 7s EVERY year, miss those days.

      I also did Bowling lessons there too, fun place to play.

  1. this is more like it. It’s hard to watch just a 10 or 20 second clip of bowling coverage but a compilation of events was much more fun to watch if you ask me. Won’t happen often but make more when these moments take place! 🙂

  2. I think #3 and #2 are more impressive than #1. #3, It’s unbelievable to leave a 4-7-10 and have the 7-10 fall so late. Also #4 with the bucket falling down so late to win, In my opinions these are more well, impressive/amazing than 2 people leaving ringing pins.

  3. The commentator says so excitedly “AND KOREA HAS WON THE GOLD.” While the Korean fans are like 😐

    1. JASchoe no he aint, he may be slaying now, but give him another 10 years or so and his precious 2 handed game wont do him much good

    2. How so? Belmo isn’t suffering from a lot of wrist strain, or at any other part of the body because of his technique. If anything it would probably keep him going longer

  4. Moments 1, 2, 4 and 5 are my favorite because Lucas Wiseman is the play-by-play announcer!!!

  5. Just want to say… im in  bowlings past….       …..its a great game…. hope it rebounds… it could

  6. Lets face it the bowling gods straight up made Jones throw a bad shot and leave a ringing ten. No way Yi Wan Kang should have lost. Stone 8 is the only perfect shot there is and not strike.

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