Brad Miller Bowling Release #shorts Edition

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Brad Miller joined the PBA Tour in 2012 and although has no PBA Titles yet, he is one of the current contenders on the tour.

In 2019, Miller appeared on his first telecast and finished 2nd in Roth=Holman Doubles Championship with Kyle Sherman.

Brad has earned, to date, over $115,000 at the PBA Tour. Miller bowls for Storm Bowling.

Brad recently got 2nd Place in the PBA Chameleon Championship losing to Jason Belmonte on the title match after almost beating the ladder.

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13 Comments on “Brad Miller Bowling Release #shorts Edition”

    1. Not really to be honest, i was on the bowling team in high school and I still had to fill out paperwork like any other sport, but bowling is not a physical sport and you can be in any shape to do it, even if your 300 pounds you can bowl and it doesn’t take a lot of effort, you take a ball, throw it down a lane and then rest for two minutes after each shot, you’re not constantly running up and down a basketball court for 48 minutes!

    2. As a highschool bowler myself, I say yes and no. Yes because bowling is a very technical sport and in other sport’s, you need technique, but no bc u don’t have to be athletically gifted to bow, you could teach someone to become a good bowler

    3. @Brandon Moucatel can you throw a 15 lbs ball with consistency at 15mph 200 times in less than 8 hours while being out of shape? Let’s say, at 300lbs? Oh btw, you have to average 220+ on a challenging oil pattern… I see your point, anyone can throw the ball once or twice in 5 minutes, but where is the accuracy, technique, mental game, and all of the other aspects? πŸ˜‰

    4. @Athletic Bowling exactly I bowl high school and I bowled ten games in a row and I was drained when I got homeπŸ˜‚and I don’t even get that tired from football practice and I play running back

  1. Hey can you do Tom Daugherty Next please he’s my favorite bowler and I bowl like him I just got over cancer a few months ago and trying to improve my game back and better how it was

    1. I will try my best when I get a chance to record him my friend. Congrats on recovering from cancer. I’m glad you are back into the game and hope you’re well!

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