Brad Miller Closes Round 1 With 300 At The 2020 PBA Players Championship

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Watch the final three shots as Brad Miller ends the opening round of qualifying with a 300 game at the 2020 PBA Players Championship.


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25 Comments on “Brad Miller Closes Round 1 With 300 At The 2020 PBA Players Championship”

  1. Is it just me or has this year been good for Brad’s game? Seems like he’s getting more confidence and just all and all rolling better.

    1. Seems like every week we’re seeing 300 games from Brad and Frankie. I think they’re both in good position to push to the front of the pack… pardon the wolf pun 🐺

    1. @Daniel Outlaw HOLY! That’s a huge series! I thought you were just a typical league bowler that posts when they bowl a high game lol. How did you manage a 659 with a 290 haha

    2. @DoughDuh Second game was a 169. Didn’t do that well that game but in the last game I made a ball change with a less aggressive ball and more loft on one lane because there was less oil and kept my more aggressive ball with more hand on the other lane cause there was more oil on the lane. It turned out great for my 290 game. By the way my first game was a 200.

    3. @DoughDuh I started out slow this year. But I am starting to round more into form now. I have an average of about 193 right now but I would like to get my average up to about 210 or 215.

    4. @Daniel Outlaw Wow to have a 856 series as a sub 200 bowler is really remarkable. Must have been one of those nights. Do you have any/many 300s?

  2. Brad got himself a coach that has helped him tremendously. I admire his attitude and his drive. After 8 years on tour without a title, he still has a smile to his face. I’m a fan and hope he gets a title really soon!

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