Carmen Salvino’s Still Got It

The 17-time PBA Tour title-winner and Hall-of-Famer Carmen Salvino has a message for everyone out on the Tour: “You ain’t seen the last of the man!”


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11 Comments on “Carmen Salvino’s Still Got It”

  1. If I had my choice of people I’d like to pick brains with about bowling, it would be Carmen Salvino.

  2. Carmen has the right idea. Bowling is for fun. It allows you to explore and express your individuality (in terms of rhythm, dance, and style.) It is like dancing or singing. Now if competition is an end then you’ve ruined it. Now you are forced to adapt a hand position, or line that isn’t of your natural choosing in order to compete. But if you take bowling as an exercise (like aerobics, or tai chi) to get your body rhythm insync, then the benefits of that extend throughout you day and life. You feel better, you have more patience, your intuitive sense of timing is more acute, you are positive. So take it from “the man”, don’t take this too seriously else this recreation will become a job, and we know how distasteful that can become.

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