Championship Bowling: Nelson Burton Jr vs Dick Weber [1966]

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Firestone Bowl a Rama in Akron, Ohio hosted this televised bowling series during the 1965-1966 season. Here is one of the final matches of this series. It features two titans in the world of professional bowling. Nelson Burton Jr. vs Dick Weber! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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  1. I remember that there was a half hour version of the show that aired when it began midway through the second game. From a FYI standpoint, I have a friend that appeared on Championship Bowling who has several 8 X 10 photos from it displaying what the “set” looked like behind the scenes, complete with bogus walls for cameras.

    1. You may be thinking of another bowling show at the time, “Bowling Stars” which was only 30 minutes long. I used to hate that show, because like “CB” the bowlers rolled three games to a match, but “Bowling Stars” would just show you the scores from the first game, then the score of the second game through 7 frames. then you’d see them bowl the rest of the match. What a cheat!!

    2. That’s because the USBC won’t give anything now for a 300 game, which I can understand with thousands of them being rolled each year. Before, when they were giving out gold rings they wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up.

  2. cool to watch. They aren’t talking about oil patterns or using 50 different balls.. just roll that solid black ball down the lane and write that score with a pen.

    1. 20alphabet It’s kind of funny how one bowler has dominated over the past decade. After all, the pro bowlers all have access to great equipment. Yet the same guy keeps winning most of the majors. Must be luck.

  3. Interesting how much smoother Burton’s release was a decade later. He was famous for an effortless style and I always figured it was a natural strength of his, but he must have put in a lot of work improving it.

    1. @Sludge Why most of today’s bowler’s skill set comes right out of the box,resin saved today’s bowler’s but the down fall is a big bunch of artificial scores. Fact.

    2. Nostalgia is one of the greatest enemies of the truth.

      Burton left the tour for six months once because he couldn’t compete on the condition at the time.

  4. This is the show that got me to fall in love with bowling. Every Sunday at noon when I was a boy. Brings back the best of memories!

  5. Old v. New bowling… Old relied on shot making ability only. A consistent game was required to get results.  New relies on ability to apply power into these over aggressive balls. I can watch the pros spray the lane with shots and still get results. Rotation and speed is the new game as consistency has taken a back seat.

    1. These 2 didn’t look terribly consistent here to me, struggling to find pocket, missed headpins, easy spares blown.

  6. Great video Irish, you wouldn’t happen to have the next week of this show posted do you? If you do I can’t find it on YouTube

    1. @Yung_Hoffy Because I choose NOT to be. I averaged 215 for 7 years in my last league. But Im a family man and that’s priority #1.

    2. @Nelson Porter you averaged 215 on a house shot. You really think you could hang with pros on way tougher patterns? Lol

  7. Thanks for showing these great videos.. You really needed to pay attention to lane conditions..Back in the day when you were a God if you bowled a 300 game in league play!

  8. Two of the classiest professionals in the history of the sport. That being said, Weber was so pissed at the brooklyn and the nose dive tripped four in the center of Burton’s game three 5 bagger he wouldn’t shake Bo’s hand following the post match interview.

  9. Before we had resin we had dirt off the shoe sole.I still have this habit today, makes for messy pants.

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