19 Comments on “Championship Bowling Nelson Burton Jr vs Harry Smith 1966”

  1. The start of a 30 year stellar career in Bowling. Mastering everything in bowling from Analyst, bowler and the business side of bowling also. A great asset to the game.

    1. i always enjoyed seeing nelson bowl on tv and of course his great voice and insight along side chris schenkel.

  2. That shot at 10:52 i find fascinating. I always thought it was impossible to convert a 7 10 split by sliding one pin into the other. I think this shot proves it is possible.

    1. @mike m youre right. i re-read his comment. it isnt possible. the only way it is possible is if its oiled on the pin deck and you hook the ball hard enough to the outer back of the pin and have it slide all the way over. they could have oiled all the way back in the oil days but no oil is put on the pin deck on house shots or sport patterns

  3. Thank you for posting and preserving these great bowling shows, I didn’t miss a week of Championship Bowling when I was a kid, it was aired on Saturdays at 12 noon.

    1. I remember it being on at 2 on Saturday…. had to turn on the set about 5 minutes before… to allow it to warm up. During commercial breaks I’d bowl on my plastic bowling set.

    2. @Barry Thomas I used to think that the man who wrote the scores down was actually face down in a box and that he was being held prisoner by the network!

    3. @Barry Thomas It was on Sundays where I lived, too. Back then, there wasn’t much in the way of sports on TV on Sundays, especially away from football season, so bowling probably got more kids as viewers than you might think!

  4. Thank you for the vintage footage.   Is Harry Smith still alive? He was totally right about Nelson Burton ‘s future, stated in his characteristic understated way. He seems to have developed a cult following over the years. It’s a shame he couldn’t transition successfully to the conditions of the 70’s. Harry Katz

  5. I think the game is hard enough but how hard could it be having to listen to the announcers in your ears for three full games.?

    1. I think they’re talking low like they did in golf back in the day. Also, if you’ve ever been in a bowling alley during league play, one can understand how a bowler might develop some ability to tune out background noise.

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