14 Comments on “Championship Bowling: Nelson Burton Jr vs Jack Biondolillo [1965-1966]”

  1. Mr. Biondollilo didn’t have it, but he bowled the first  televised  300 on the tour not long after this TV show if I am correct. Wolf called Burton’s future success.

    1. +bowlingfanatic20 Thanks for that info. I saw it on TV that day but my brother was being punished by father and missed the game- I had thought it was earlier but I am sure you are right!

  2. Thank you, irishpogi. I greatly enjoy watching these old bowling videos. It was fun to see a very young Bo Burton.

  3. I think I see Billy Golembiewski and Carmen Salvino in the front row of the audience. (Verified by Fred Wolf at about 29:20.)

  4. I may be wrong but check for me. Steve Nagy might have had the 1st 300 on TV. It might have been before the pba started up in 1959.

    1. Claude Heffington there were back to back 300’s before that in a doubles format. The second player never got to throw a ball

  5. 8:30
    You honestly can’t throw it better than that. Had that happen to me the other week at league and could have spit fire afterward.

  6. When bowling was enjoyable. No two handed crap. No 25 bowling balls per bowler. No 250+ league averages (you had to earn it). Crowds behaving and not screaming drunk. Good trophies not deodorant bar plastic junk. Good announcers not wrestling style as today.

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