Chris Via Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)

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This is Chris Via at the PBA World Series of Bowling XI (2020). This is a collection of some of his shots, reactions, and more in slow motion. Feel free to sit back and enjoy or watch and analyze Chris Via bowling release in slow motion.

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Chris Via bowls two-handed style, however, his forms resembles that of a one-handed bowler. Via has made a few T.V. shows but hasn't been able to win his first PBA Title to this date.

Chris Via has made the U.S. National Team many times. He has earned, to date, over $113,000 at the PBA Tour alone. Chris currently bowls for STORM Bowling.

Make sure to watch all the way through the video.

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8 Comments on “Chris Via Bowling Release in Slow Motion (PBA WSOB XI Edition)”

  1. Do you like Chris Two-handed Bowling approach? Let us know who is your favorite two-handed bowler in the comments!

  2. An suggestion, maybe do alternate angles? Like side or front view maybe? I don’t know if people would like it but I definitely would like it. Back view is very informative but side and front view are also really interesting.

  3. It is very exciting to see your growth as a bowling channel. 567 subscribers already! Maybe post on the reddit bowling community. I think thye would appreciate your videos too.

    1. Would you please help us share our content there? We are not currently in that community yet. We appreciate your support πŸ™‚

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