Chris Via Pops 300 At The 2020 Chameleon PBA Championship

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Watch the final three shots as Chris Via gets off to a perfect start to the 2020 PBA Chameleon Championship.


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11 Comments on “Chris Via Pops 300 At The 2020 Chameleon PBA Championship”

  1. Don’t show too much emotion 😂 I get pros taking one shot at a time, but come on not even a smirk or grin. You guys have one of the best jobs out there, act like you enjoy it.

  2. Couldn’t see the ball go through the pins on the last shot because the outro overlay was blocking everything. Spectacular editing.

    1. @Spud McKeegan I think it’s kinda random but happens to me often on their vids I think they gotta do a few second black out to get rid of it that slides into the slides

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