Chris Via’s First Major | 2021 U.S. Open | Full Match vs. Jakob Butturff

Chris Via won his first major–and first title–in the 2021 U.S. Open, defeating Jakob Butturff in the championship match.

From the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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14 Comments on “Chris Via’s First Major | 2021 U.S. Open | Full Match vs. Jakob Butturff”

    1. Just
      Pin! Had Mr. Butturff not rushed the last part of the 10th Frame, there would have been a sudden-death rolloff.
      Tell you what about this young man, though. I’m not worried about him. He’s coming into his own as a Professional Bowler. Just a little bit more accuracy, and learning not to rush the shot, like he did in the 10th Frame, and he’ll be well on his way to winning PBA Titles.

    2. @Ronald Shank i dont think he really rushed it i think he just got distracted by the thought of having to strike to force a roll off either way hes a 3 time runner up and thats still a great payday so im sure hes still happy with the results he knows he’ll get his win sooner or later

    3. @nocturnalmayhem It could be that it was a matter of misconception on my part. I just thought it looked rushed, but I forgot to take in the whole pressure concept. Pressure can cause us all to make mistakes. As I said in one text, though, I’m not worried about Mr. Butturff. He’s an excellent bowler, and he’s going to get even better. I truly believe that!

    1. Also, if you look at Mr. Butturff’s last shot, is it me, or does it look rushed? He took a quick second to aim, but then, as the footage shows, he looks to have rushed that shot-Bigtime! He’s a great young bowler…but he needs to remember two things:1-Always be deliberate, and don’t rush to bowl your frame. 2-He needs to target a bit better, when starting his approach. He seemed to be a bit erratic, when he bowled some of his frames. On one frame, he was only about an inch or two from guttering. That’s definitely no good!

    2. @Ronald Shank I tell my kids all the time before the shot, to slow down and think about the shot. No reason to rush it no matter the situation. Find your footing, find your mark then stare at it and make a good approach then shoot the shot

  1. He had it…and then watched, as the 2 pin stood, when it needed to be knocked down. Mr. Via wins. Nice try, though, for Mr. Butturff. He’s still got plenty of time, should the Divine Hand Of Providence allow, to win more titles. That last shot, upon further inspection, looked like it was rushed. You can’t do that in Bowling! If you rush a shot, and you come up short, then it’s your own fault. He needs to slow down, period!

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