Collegiate Bowler Leaves IMPOSSIBLE 7-Pin During Bowling Competition

Collegiate Bowler Leaves IMPOSSIBLE 7-Pin During Bowling Competition

NCAA Collegiate standout Anna Callan of La Crosse, Wisconsin & the University of Nebraska leaves an unprecedented 7-pin at the Stormin' Blue & White Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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6 Comments on “Collegiate Bowler Leaves IMPOSSIBLE 7-Pin During Bowling Competition”

  1. Fun times.
    A number of years ago I saw a double-“stand up” resulting in a 5-7. It was not converted, and the bowler was not amused.

  2. I had a similar experience while bowling the ABT Super Bowl Tournament at the old Sunset Bowl in San Diego. During the semi-final top 5 match, I rolled a solid pocket hit and left a slam 7-pin that was one factor in me losing that match and finishing in third place. My opponent getting strikes was the other. A slam 7 is where the headpin goes in front of 7 leaving it standing but close to what is in this video.

  3. I love how they didn’t realize that it stood back up like they were still clapping as if she struck. Can’t believe there wasn’t more of a reaction.

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