Dallas Strikers Attempt to Bowl Perfect 300 Game on ESPN

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In PBA League semifinal action, the Dallas Strikers (Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill, Shawn Maldonado, B.J. Moore and Norm Duke) have the first nine strikes. Duke bowls the 10th frame, seeking perfection.

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25 Comments on “Dallas Strikers Attempt to Bowl Perfect 300 Game on ESPN”

  1. My High school league team bowled a 298 baker game with 5 people during our state tournament last year.

  2. I absolutely love the react! someone of his caliber showing emotions like that is phenomenal

  3. Norm Dukes a real pit bull !

    Shame that these guys get paid nothing, compared to other sports.

    1. Norm Duke is one tough cookie. You are right though. I do feel sorry for these guys who only get a little compared to football players and baseball players. These guys have been on tour for many years, and only get like 25,000 for winning a tournament compared to 25 million

  4. Is that a different Lock ball only made for him [Duke]? I mean, isnt the normal Lock a red white black? this one is blue white black. It does say lock on it too. Hope they release this version, its a beaut!!!

    1. I think the blue you’re seeing is from the blue dye they add to the oil. There is a new Lock that comes out later this year, but that’s not it.

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