Darren Tang Pops 300 In Match Play At The 2020 PBA Hall Of Fame Classic

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Watch Darren Tang shoot 300 in the second round of match play at the 2020 PBA Hall of Fame Classic.


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15 Comments on “Darren Tang Pops 300 In Match Play At The 2020 PBA Hall Of Fame Classic”

    1. @tackywacky99 …that’s not how bowling works. Especially at their level. The lanes are CONSTANTLY transitioning. This “carving out” you’re speaking of is in your brain. It’s not reality.

    2. @Chris Haney pros take sanded down balls during practice to carve out the breakpoint for their ease and everyone does it. It’s a known thing. And yes there is transition but there’s enough volume for them to last 3+ blocks. This was a second block based off of the miss room from people “carving” the pattern out from the first block. Second block always has the most 300’s. I’ve bowled regionals and with many of them out there and talked to them. It’s always been this way. That’s why surface is king for the tour. So they can break down the patterns for them to have miss room. Which is why a tugged shot like these can even strike.

    3. @tackywacky99 doesn’t the use of urethane bowling balls push the oil down and does the opposite of carving up the lanes or no?

    4. @Family Flores yes It pushes oil from the middle of the lane to the break point which sometimes could make the ball read too late or too early depending on your speed. If you take a weak reactive ball and have it sanded down a lot, it tends to counteract the urethane. Most people will move their breakpoint by just playing further right or left. That’s also why players use lots of strong sanded reactive balls to burn up the sides of the lane to create a big hook spot. Urethane tends to not be able to create a strong entry angle off the breakpoint and tends to carry less. Meaning that if people use urethane, it might be a bit more consistent playing straighter, but overall would carry far less than reactive. That’s why you always see pros starting far left even on fresh conditions because they’ve. Already created that hook spot on the breakpoint. Just find oil to give you length.

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