Darren Tang with the First Nine Strikes at PBA Colorado Springs Open

In the penultimate game of Round of 24 qualifying, Darren Tang is in 12th place trying to make the cut to the Round of 12. He has the first nine strikes. Here's his 10th frame.

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11 Comments on “Darren Tang with the First Nine Strikes at PBA Colorado Springs Open”

  1. 🥰. Darren TOOK Vitamin T for. TANG. CONGRATULATIONS on 300 game. MORE 300 games coming for Darren. 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Darren tang ⭐️⭐️⭐️ he’s gonna be a legend one mark my words. He will be too 10 all time

    1. The + – indicates how much a bowler is above or below a 200 average. So a bowler like Darren who is +359 is 359 pins over a 200 average for the tournament. Shooting 300 will add another 100 pins so after that game he is now +459. Bowling tournaments use a 200 game as “par”. Shooting 300 is +100 over par and bowling 180 is -20 under par.

  3. D-Tang was struggling a bit in recent months but always did his best to stay positive and just kept working on his game. Good to see him coming out of it. Darren has a really strong game, and once he figures out a few things, he’s going to start winning regularly.

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