Day In The Life – Shannon O’Keefe – 2021 USBC Queens

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The struggle to be the best is something all the top athletes on the PWBA Tour are striving to achieve, but sometimes the road can be difficult.

In this video, we followed two-time PWBA Player of the Year Shannon O'Keefe throughout the day during a qualifying round at the 2021 USBC Queens. O'Keefe takes us through the experience of a tough block on the lanes but shows what keeps her going in the pursuit of greatness.

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16 Comments on “Day In The Life – Shannon O’Keefe – 2021 USBC Queens”

  1. Love the line “shot execution is really piss poor right now” u are awesome, love to see players who are human like the rest of us. Thanks Shannon for letting us in 😁

  2. Gonna watch this whenever I don’t bowl well, funny how this kind of stuff appears in my feed when I’m struggling.

  3. Thanks for showing BOTH sides of your game…… It helps ME to see you bowl good AND BAD. IT helps me to be nicer to myself when struggling………. I’m also an ex- fast pitch pitcher…. ALWAYS PULL FOR YOU TO WIN😊

  4. And this is another reason why I’m proud to call her my friend and my TCO champ 2019 ! You’re an inspiration.

  5. Shannon has always been resilient. Not worried for her… all. Even at 42 years old, she looks amazingly healthy. Not surprised that she can still hang with all of the young guns in the PWBA. Such a legend! Respect! 🔥 💪🏻

  6. Great content… love the insight into the inner workings of the pro bowling life… grind grind grind 👍

  7. Shannon really did fight hard to get back to make the match-play cut. I’m sure she really wanted to make the stepladder, but those other top finishers were really tough. Carolyn finished well, but Kelly was not happy with her outcome.

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