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Playlist of all 13 parts
Note: If you want to see Bo's his delivery watch the video segment "SPOT BOWLING 7/13 BOWLING INSTRUCTION WITH NELSON BO BURTON JR | amusement420"

It's one thing it would have been good to see in this segment but it's part of an entire instructional VHS.

This is from a classic 1988 “Bowling with Nelson Burton, Jr.” Instructional Learn How to Bowl Bowling Tips VHS Tape aka Bo Burton Jr. the former commentator for the PBA on ABC Sports. I uploaded them in sections with custom title cards for easier YouTube viewing. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day


    1. yep and best commentator along with Chris Schenkel. It carries thru to these instructional vids which he also did as a feature on the PBA telecasts.

  1. Older video but WOW, what great info! Probably the most understandable guy I’ve seen trying to explain the release to newbs like myself.

  2. I know Bo personally and have received many tips on my release and game. He still throws perfect games… scary good…

    1. Mine too. He still bowls in a men’s league. His teammate is Jim Long, another retired professional. Together they are tough to beat. He’s a real gentlemen and is always willing to give advice or take a picture with a fan.

  3. I developed my game along these identical lines…. I used to do my 4 step delivery in really slow motion to teach and amaze my friends… and still get good carry

    1. That’s school you go tot meet him. That’s one reason I like his tips on the VHS and during the ABC broadcasts. He takes it seriously, wants to teach and has an engaging personality. There’s all different kinds of ways to teach. but his stands the test of time imho

  4. Ebonite GYRO!!!!. How many titles did Earl Anothy win with that ball? Loved listening to Bo and Shankle Saturdays!!

  5. NB Jr”s bowling tips are outstanding, my average has went up 15 pins to put me over 200, the you-tube videos of him on Beat The Champ where he destroyed some HOF bowlers show just how good he was.

  6. Saturday afternoons with Bo Burton and Chris Schenkle on ABC TV were great memories.

    1. Definitely! It was a sad day when they went off the air. Great voices and knowledge about the sport.

    2. was thinking the same; used to play in a league saturday morning and then watch those guys in the afternoon.

    3. I was hooked for years on that show (pun intended). My winter Saturday’s revolved around watching it. They kept you in suspense at the start of the show by showing the top guy last. Always loved it when that guy was Bo!

  7. I finally found a video of someone who gives me the answers I’ve been looking for. Literally, step by step. Im practicing today. Thank you!

  8. I was taught a lot of this stuff growing up. It’s so hard to unlearn that release. Lol Cores in modern balls are way different now.

    1. I know what you mean. Apparently I have always been bowling Over top of the ball and getting no hook at all on the ball. I’ve also been trying to force speed and an unnatural hook. I was just at my local pro shop and they were nice enough to help me and my terrible form and now I have to basically relearn myself how to throw a bowling ball. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take some time.

    2. I use the exact ball he’s using in this video today and average 226 in my synthetic house and 218 in the wood lane house, lol:) Ebonite Gyro I

  9. i had a vhs tape “Bowl Better with Bo” or something like that added 25-30 pins to my average mostly for form & making spares as i believe he said a majority of strikes are luck

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