Drama As Chris Barnes Beats AJ Johnson At 2021 USBC Masters

This winners bracket match between Chris Barnes and AJ Johnson came down to the final frame at the 2021 USBC Masters.


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35 Comments on “Drama As Chris Barnes Beats AJ Johnson At 2021 USBC Masters”

  1. Emotions running real high. You work so hard and don’t get the results you want. Still not a good look.

    1. Chris Barnes is a class act. Tommy Jones, Belmonte, Bill o’Neil, Kyle troop, Wes Merlot would not have acted in this fashion. AJ Johnson doesn’t understand good sportsmanship. When Tommy Jones win his 20th title his first hug came from Chris Barnes

  2. Been seeing this a lot from aj with his emotions. It understandably frustrating but ur in a professional setting and you have to act like one because you are one.

    1. Well, if you would’ve saw the amount of ridiculous breaks and whiffs CB had, you would be frustrated. It’s like needing a double to win and throwing two Brooklyn strikes. Your opponent won’t be happy.

  3. Bam-Bam is being a baby.
    The least he could have done was bumped elbows or fists to recognize Barnes as the winner. It’s called SPORTSMANSHIP.

  4. In spite of Barnes’ mistake, he missed good chance.
    I understand Johnson little bit, but it was too threatening for Chris..😂

    1. @E Gibs Trash talk is one thing. Not acknowledging your opponent and then potentially damaging their equipment in anger is another.

    2. @E Gibs not professional but its a thing in the south. Underground Bowling Association. trash talk is encouraged….

    3. @Joe G they trash talk in all other professional sports, it’s a part of the game. I just think that’s something that may be missing from the PBA.

      I didn’t say cursing them out or anything, but simple chatter before and after shots 🤷🏾‍♂️

      Being from the south I’m well aware of the trash talk that goes on, the most dangerous people are the ones who don’t say ANYTHING, which is also a mind game

  5. Even in hockey they shake hands after a hard-fought series that includes fighting and hard body checks. From the times I have seen AJ bowl, he always has an angry look about him.

  6. I really hope AAJJ got a fine for unsportsmanlike conduct.. Smashing the ball onto the other ball is just not acceptable….

  7. Great sport chris! Your the example of what a professional bowler should act like on and off the lanes. Mad respect sir!

  8. It’s a little hard to see how AJ lets the loss and the fact that he missed a strike affect the “take away” lesson from this match. He didn’t acknowledge the post game fist bump from Chris, and displayed a clear message of how much of a poor sport he can be. You could definitely see how Chris picked up on that. It gets to a point where you either let the game take over, or you have fun playing the game. Some people have the heart and passion for the sport, and others thrive from the spotlight. AJ needs to have a piece of humble pie. That’s my analysis of this.

  9. While it was awkward to watch, it was also satisfying. AJ Johnson is the epitome of what not to be in an athlete. It is poetic justice every time he is eliminated from an event.

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