Dramatic PBA Match Endings II

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Well, it's the sequel a lot of you have been waiting for! Enjoy the video and have a great 2020!!

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31 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings II”

    1. Antwon Cones nobody was expecting him to get a bucket, especially Ciminelli. It looked pured off his hand.

    2. GraduatingIn2020 you are so right. It’s always our best shots that seem to fall short of striking. I was bowling in league yesterday and I left a ringing ten pin after doubling in the tenth. It looked so good and I could’ve done what Jason often does: walk it out.

  1. “And he needs to throw this thing”

    “And he threw it.”

    What commentary🤦

    Thanks for all the likes. It’s at 12:02

    1. @Cheater 45 “and he need to throw this thing.” “And he threw it.” What does being in the hall of fame have to do with pretty worthless commentary? Is it something said from the past or something that was said during a huge event?

  2. finding it interesting as I get older that the men on tour are getting more ball speed, more revs more hook etc etc, and the women are out there with low speed, low revs and over exaggerated follow throughs and still getting it done.

  3. Do weird moments or farthest apart games (such as tom vs mika’s games gap of 199, since it ended 100-299)

  4. the belmo vs ryan broadcast looked so nice, and the audio was great too. Wish every live bowling looked and sounded as clean as that. was perfect

  5. Manager: He Didn’t Like That At All
    Manager 2: Nope, Nope.

  6. Me, a 185 bowler, watching this : “why don’t these newbs just get a strike every time”

    Now let me finish my pizza

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