Dramatic PBA Match Endings IV

Welcome to the FINAL WEEK of Bowling Planet's 1st year on YouTube! We are going to wrap it up with a renown channel series that launched it away!

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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Jaros vs. Weiss
2:17 – Belmonte vs. Norton
3:51 – Barnes vs. Haugen
5:52 – Sloan vs. HupΓ©
7:23 – Belmonte vs. Butturff

22 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings IV”

  1. Jason Belmonte Vs. Norton in that match was great. I believe that was the same show where Walter Ray got 10 pins constantly. Seriously, I have no idea how Walter Ray got so unlucky. It was messed up. Belmonte just got bad carry but happy for Norton. πŸ™‚

  2. The Kyle Troup 299 game that happened recently and the Simo Troup finals were pretty dramatic and cool in my opinion

  3. I’m from michigan, so I watched Belmonte in person when he won. I still get chills every time I watch that 10th frame

  4. Butturff: Yeah, make him earn it
    Belmonte: Hold my beer. You about to get spanked 🍺🎳

    1. He just broke Earl Anthony’s and Pete Weber’s record with that win at the PBA for his 11th major. His family was back home and wasn’t there.

  5. I ain’t the biggest Butturff fan, but when he said “make him earn it” I gained a little respect for the kid. He’s going against one of the all time greats and Belmonte didn’t blink. Great finish to that great match. Seeing the kids reactions in Australia was amazing.

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