Dramatic PBA Match Endings IX

Alrighty! 9th episode of the channel's infamous series is here. Not much else to say about this one to be frank with you. The only big things is the next episode! It will be the 10th installment and will be a BIG video! Stay tuned for what's coming soon!

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26 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings IX”

  1. I really like your content! By the way, when are you going to post the splits for the 2011-2012 PBA season?

    1. At first, it didn’t seem like many people were buying into that series. But more people like you keep asking for a Part 3 so I think it’ll make a comeback eventually!

  2. I feel like Ciminelli should’ve won the viper open, not only because that 7-10 should’ve been converted (most unlucky thing in bowling history in my opinion) but also the fact that he’s had lighter hits than that and still carried out strikes.

  3. That championship match from the 2004 Medford Open between Weber and Delutz to me is one of the most underrated matches in PBA history that I feel hardly ever gets talked about. Such a crazy finish to that one!!!!

  4. Always loved Chris’ “WOW” to Ryan’s 7-10 split almost converted (1:07)… I would have had the exact same reaction 😂😂

  5. 0:20 @Bowling Planet

    Slight error in the first clip. That was the 2013 Viper Championship.

    Edit: 7:14 3 strikes to “tie”.

  6. I swear Norm Duke has like the best sportsmanship in professional bowling. I’d definitely would wanna bowl with him

    1. I always liked Norm Duke more, compared to Pete Weber because of sportsmanship and overall attitude.

    2. Wasn’t expecting this many replies and a pin already lol. All I was just doing is expressing how much I enjoy Norm Duke. Honestly I would kill to see a Norm Duke compilation of his best moments whether it’s hilarious, happy and heart warming, even his wins

  7. If Ciminelli made the 7-10, he would’ve put pressure on Chris Barnes but the fact that he didn’t make it is so heartbreaking.

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