Dramatic PBA Match Endings V

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0:15 – 2010 Scorpion Final
2:12 – 2014 Cheetah Final
4:53 – 2017 Oklahoma Open Final
8:29 – 2013 PBA League Round 5
10:27 – 2020 Chameleon Semi-finals

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34 Comments on “Dramatic PBA Match Endings V”

  1. Marshall Kent’s reaction to beating Chris Barnes was priceless. Also, how awesome was it when Brad Miller beat not only Anthony Simonsen, but also E.J. Tackett in the chameleon finals this year! I thought for sure he was going to win his first PBA title. It won’t be long until it happens, he is overdue.

    1. Go Brad! that was a great performance and the house bowlers in general are getting better and better. I think in PBA League although his run was short D Tang striked all shots…. And before the covid Via made both shows consecutively.

    1. Yep i also remembered that. But still not annoying enough then WRW wife….lol….Bowling Planet maybe yer next video {wink}

  2. Miller v. Tackett was a hell of a match given how Miller shot the match before. He made an incredible performance on that pattern.

  3. Barnes/Kent match – I remember there was a crazy kid who was waving his hand everytime Barnes was making a shot. Worst audience.

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